MOT's Great Shelford

MOTs Great Shelford

For many drivers, taking their vehicle in for its annual MOT inspection is an experience fraught with worry. Will it cost a great deal of money to repair your car? Will you be off the road for a period while the work is completed? Because of these concerns, some car owners have a negative image of MOTs.
At Rayments Garage, we want to make MOT time as painless as possible for all our customers. Thanks to our motorist-friendly MOTs Great Shelford drivers can fulfil their legal obligations without feeling trepidation every time they drop their car off with us. How can we help you get your car tested?
Firstly, our staff are professional and very friendly and are sympathetic to the difficulties of running a vehicle in this busy world. When booking MOTs Great Shelford car owners can choose a day and time convenient to them, so that if your car is off the road for a day or two, you can pick a time which won’t impact too much on your lifestyle. Our staff will make every effort to have your vehicle on the ramp at the time agreed, and if it passes you'll be on your way in the matter of an hour or so.
Next, we will perform the test quickly and thoroughly while your car is in the workshop. Let's remember, the point of the inspection is to make sure your vehicle is safe to be on the road, so we never want to put your safety in jeopardy. Ours are the MOTs Great Shelford drivers rely on to know that their car will not put them, their families, or other road users in danger.
We can't promise to limit the amount of money it will take to repair your car an make it fit to pass its MOT. That depends on the condition of your vehicle, its age, and many other factors. What we can do is guarantee to make the repairs as quickly and thoroughly as possible, using only fully approved high quality parts from respected suppliers. We will never charge you more when time is tight, nor will we fit your car with sub-standard parts to try to save money. So yes, MOT time can sometimes be expensive, but with our MOTs Great Shelford motorists know their cars will be thoroughly tested and repaired in a way that will hopefully mean trouble free motoring for another year.
If your car or small van does need repairs to get an MOT pass, there's no need to go flicking through the directory to find someone to fix it for you. We can handle mechanical, electrical and minor bodywork repairs right here at our workshop. On the other hand, if you have someone else who you'd prefer to work on your car that's fine, you can take it to them. It's up to you.
To learn more or to book MOTs Great Shelford car owners can get in touch with us online or by telephone.